Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top Free Offline Blog Editors by Phil Gerbyshak on July 16, 2009 0 inShare If you’ve ever looked at the time of my posts, you’ll see they frequently come out about 2 AM. That’s not because I get up, restless, and blog my heart out at 2 AM. It’s because I schedule my posts for this early to make sure I hit folks on the east coast when they first wake up, and 2 AM seems to be a good time for this. How do I do this, besides scheduling my times? I write my blog using an offline editor, so even when I am not connected to the Internet, I can still write articles, input images and other cool stuff so when I do connect, I can just upload my article and go back to sleep. What’s my favorite free offline blog editor? Windows Live Writer is my favorite offline blog editor, hands down. I am a Windows guy (sorry Mac friends) and Windows Live Writer lets me edit my images right in my blog post, lets me post to 3 different blogs (and downloads the styling of my blogs so I can see exactly how my article will look before it goes live on my blog). I couldn’t live without it. Other offline blog editors ScribeFire – a plug-in for the Firefox browser. I used to love this and used it for a few years, but I like Live Writer a lot more. Qumana – Mac and Windows users rejoice, Qumana will work for all of you. I used this one for a short period of time, but it wasn’t very intuitive to me. Post2Blog – Never used it. Looks useful and interesting. w.bloggar – Never used it. Looks really cool because it will run on a USB drive, perfect for folks using a little netbook or something else that has a small hard drive. Blogdesk – Also never used this one, but from the screenshots, it looks the most like Windows Live Writer. What’s your favorite free offline blog editor? Have you ever tried the editors I haven’t used? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. pf button Top Free Offline Blog Editors Tagged as: blog editors, blogging, free Article by Phil Gerbyshak Phil Gerbyshak is the founder of the Make It Great! Institute, founded in 2006 to teach businesses and their organizations how to best use online technology to increase their bottom line, improve customer engagement, and increase employee loyalty. Additionally, Phil has written over 2500 articles and 3 books, his most recent book being #TwitterWorks, focusing on how small businesses and independent restaurants can use Twitter to effectively connect with their customers and potential customers. Phil has been interviewed to share his expertise the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Globe and Mail, USA Today, CBS SmartPlanet and many other publications online and offline. Phil has written 1812 awesome articles. Subscribe to Phil's feed via RSS or EMAIL to receive instant updates.